On April 10, the HMA Law Firm founder Hassan Ahmad will join thousands on the Mall in Washington, DC to take part in the “All In For Citizenship” rally planned by nearly 50 immigrant rights groups.

This is a timely rally, and an important opportunity to show the need for immigration reform.  As we’ve blogged about before, the restrictionist vocabulary (“illegal alien,” “anchor baby” and “criminal alien”) has served to dehumanize immigrants by lumping them together and labeling them “criminals” or somehow inherently “illegal.” 

The Citizenship Rally is a time to show the real faces of immigrants.  And they are human faces.  It’s time to fix this broken system and stop defending it in the name of the law.

They said the same thing about slavery, suffrage, and “separate but equal.” Didn’t make it fair.  Didn’t make it right.

Attorney Hassan Ahmad will be on the Morning Show (Pedro Biaggi En La Mañana) on El Zol 107.9 FM the at 9 am to talk about the Citizenship Rally scheduled for 3:30 pm tomorrow, April 10, 2013.

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