It’s a burning question.  A lot of Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) applicants are using or have used fake social security numbers.  Sometimes people just make up numbers, other times they purchase numbers of the street, and sometimes they just use a friend’s number.  

On Form I-821D, you are asked to provide your “social security number.” On Form I-765 (the work permit application) you are asked to provide all social security numbers you’ve ever used.

A lot of people are concerned – rightly so – with this question: “If I used a fake SSN, should I put it down on the forms?  And if so, how?” 

UPDATE: As of 9/14/2012, USCIS has indicated that when they ask you for a social security number, they are asking about real, valid social security numbers only.  That means if you’ve used a fake one, you do NOT need to put it down.

The original posting has been deleted to avoid confusion.

Read about how to get a social security number right here.

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