ICE issued an Notice to Appear (NTA – the charging document for initiation of removal (deportation) proceedings) for an alleged alien. The NTA failed to allege alienage, and instead alleged that the person “illegally entered the US by wading across the Rio Grande River near the Presidio, Texas port of entry on 1/15/15 with the intention of going to Dodge City, KS to reside and seek employment.”

This individual’s date of birth? 1/4/15. That’s right. 11 days old. Waded across, somehow, with the intent to seek employment in Dodge City. His mother, by the way, maintains that the child was born on the US side.

I really wouldn’t know what to say if this were my case. “Your Honor, we’d like a speedy bond determination. My client has deep ties to the United States, having lived here his whole life. I’m happy to brief the issue, but may we have a brief recess? It’s my client’s naptime.”

If any non-government attorney brought a case this frivolous, they’d face sanctions by the Court and quite possibly the wrath of the Bar. Yet ICE carries on. Not long ago, another ICE attorney in Seattle, Jonathan M. Love, knowingly submitted, and maintained, a clearly forged document in an attempt to deprive a deserving man of deportation relief.  Other immigration attorneys report that despite the fact that Judge Hanen’s temporary injunction did not reach Obama’s executive action memorandum on prosecutorial discretion, ICE has been refusing to follow it.

“But we are a country of laws. The laws need to be followed. We can’t reward lawbreakers!”

Pot, meet kettle.

See the redacted “Baby NTA.”

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