Driver’s license for undocumented migrants: Virginia will allow them to drive legally

In what is one of the newest wins for aspiring Americans, the Commonwealth of Virginia passed a law to issue “driver privilege cards” to undocumented migrants. The program will begin on January 1, 2021. It was passed back in March.

The Virginia immigration driver license makes it the 15th state to pass a similar measure. This law will allow about 300,000 immigrants to drive legally.


Yet, not everyone will be able to receive one. There are some requirements to apply for one. To apply for a driver privilege card, you will need to have proof for:

You have lived in Virginia for at least 12 months.

Have a reliable source of income.

You paid income taxed in Virginia within 12 months of your application. You can also prove that you were claimed as dependent on someone else’s individual tax return.

Must have car’s insurance or must pay a fee to the authorities.

Not have a driving privilege suspended or revoked in Virginia or any other state.

As usual, you must also pass a driver’s test before issuing. The driver privilege card is not valid under the Federal Real ID Law. Thus, it is not considered a valid ID for federal purposes. Yet, it is considered valid within Virginia.

Necessary documents

You need the following documents to receive the driver license:

Two proofs of identity. For example, a foreign passport.

Two proofs of Virginia residency. A utility bill will suffice.

Proof of SSN or ITIN

Tax return documentation. Why the law?

One of the main purposes of the law is to allow more people to purchase car insurance. Thus, this will reduce the number of uninsured drivers in the state. As of today, the number of uninsured drivers is around 12%. Issuing the license allows undocumented immigrants to buy auto insurance. Thus, they will be protected from financial hardship if they have a car accident.

Further, the update will allow them to take a driver’s test. Hence, they will know the rules of the road better, reducing car accidents. Thus, overall, the law is a matter of public safety.

The law can be life-changing for undocumented migrants. We know how hard it can be to drive your kids to school and be in fear that anything might happen. It was not fair that you could not receive car insurance and be in danger of financial hardship.

At the HMA Law Firm, we can help you receive a Virginia immigration driver’s license. You can read more on the official DMV website.

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