Filing Form N-600K To Apply For Citizenship Based on Parentage

            It is not uncommon to find a child with one or both parents as a US citizen but the child resides in a foreign country. And while this is bound to create some immigration issues, the USCIS addresses this issue through Form N-600K. The USCIS form N-600k is filed by a US citizen whose child qualifies for naturalization. Under § 322 of the Immigration and Nationality Act, children not born in the US to a US citizen parent (or parents) acquire citizenship at birth. While these children may qualify for a US passport, sometimes they will need definitive proof of their US citizenship That’s where Form N-600K comes in.

Who is Eligible for Citizenship Based on Parentage

            Like most other immigration forms, only a certain category of people qualify to apply for the N-600k form. In order to be eligible for this type of citizenship, the child should satisfy the following criteria.

            It is worth noting that adopted children can only qualify if the parents adopted the child before the age of 16. The child’s grandparents can also apply if the US parent died in the preceding 5 years before application.

How to Complete Form N-600K

            Completing this application is a breeze as long as you follow instructions for form N-600K. That said, here are some tips to keep in mind when completing the different parts.

Where To File Form N 600K

            It is first important that you ensure all documents are in order. For example, all supporting documents should be in the order requested in the N-600K instructions. You should also submit English translations (for foreigners) of the forms but they need to be certified. Once you are done, send the whole application to the USCIS lockbox with the addresses listed on their website.

            The filing fees are subject to change, so you should confirm with the USCIS website too.

How HMA Law Firm Can Help

            It is important that you send a comprehensive application package to the USCIS with no errors whatsoever. The US Citizenship and Immigration Services is known to reject applications that are not prepared well. Luckily, we have attorneys at your beck and call who will ensure everything runs smoothly. Our wide knowledge and experience will come in handy when you need to take care of such a sensitive matter. So call us today for a consultation.