The last several months have been a time of intense change.  We are hoping the trend will continue.  And we get meaningful immigration reform.

First of all, a warning.  THERE IS NO IMMIGRATION REFORM YET.  When people talk about “immigration reform” they usually mean a “pathway to citizenship” for the millions of people living in the United States without status.  Actually, as we blogged about last month, it’s more than that.

It’s a way to be fair to everybody.  The people who’ve been waiting, and the people who just want to get the chance to wait.  It’s to stop ripping up families, separating children from parents, husbands from wives.  It’s about recognizing the intrinsic value an immigrant provides to a society like ours, whether their papers are in order or not.  It’s about maintaining a competitive edge, and not investing in talent only to export it.

Deferred action for childhood arrivals (DACA) was a great first step.  Provisional (stateside) waivers – the new Form I-601A – was a great second step.  But compared to what we need – comprehensive immigration reform – these are baby steps.

We want to remind people that there are things you can do right now.

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