The Visa Bulletin June 2021, highlights the latest revision of visa procedures and availability by the USCIS.

Introduction; What is the Visa Bulletin?

With each passing year, the USCIS reviews its visa procedures. This is done to ascertain the availability of visas for certain applicants. In revising its visa procedures, the USCIS does not act alone. The visa bulletin is jointly determined by the USCIS and the Department of State (DOS). the latest revision of visa procedures is that of the Visa Bulletin in June 2021.

Each visa bulletin addresses select categories of visa applicants. Each visa bulletin reviews the way in which foreign nationals gain entry into the United States. The entry into the US is either on the basis of employment or adjustment of status, which is what each visa bulletin seeks to address.

The USCIS doesn’t just revise its visa procedures. As a matter of fact, each visa bulletin is characterized by important updates. The current Visa Bulletin in June 2021 caters to rising interests – both that of the United States and that of immigrants. Hence, the constant release of a visa bulletin per month.

To grant ease of access to each bulletin, the DOS has an archive of each visa bulletin on its website. Feel free to read online or download the Visa Bulletin in June 2021.

Visa Bulletin June 2021

The Visa Bulletin June 2021 is split into six (6) modules. Emphasis is placed on two categories of immigration application. These categories are; family-sponsored adjustment of status and employment-based visa applications.

The Visa Bulletin June 2021 addresses the requirements and availability of visas for persons within the specified categories.

The timing has to be right for an applicant to succeed in getting a visa into the US. The applicant has to wait for his/her priority date before going further in the application. In each visa bulletin, dates for final actions on visa applications are published. It is only within these dates that such visa applications can be filed. For the Visa Bulletin June 2021, only the dates for filing visa applications in the two stated categories are available. All applications filed within these dates are given premium attention over all other applications.

Special Note on the Visa Bulletin June 2021

It should be noted that the dates for final actions on visa applications are not chosen arbitrarily. First, consular officers must report to the DOS a listing of qualified visa applicants for the number of visas available. In the case where there are more applicants than available visas, the DOS cuts down on the applications by setting a final action date. This date is based on the priority date of the first qualified applicant who could not get a visa. Hence, the operation gives a hint of a first come – first serve basis. Where an applicant fails to act within the set date, such an applicant must wait for a new final action date to be set.

According to Section 201 of the Immigration and Nationality Act (INA), there is an annual preference limit of 226,000 applications for those within the family-sponsored visa category. For employment-based visa preference, the minimum is 140,000. These numbers are spread out among countries eligible for the US visa; 7% of the total number of both categories, is the limit per country.

A third category (Diversity Immigrant) is catered for by section 203(c) of the INA, allowing up to 55,000 visa applications.

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