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January 28, 2017

As immigration attorneys, we have always advocated for our clients but our efforts were broadened when the Trump Administration put a ban on a majority of Muslim Countries. On January 28, 2017, our attorneys joined the hundreds of others nationwide to not only help those being discriminated against and affected by the Muslim Ban but also to speak out and give a voice to all those that didn’t have an advocate in their corner.


Our firm has always and will always fiercely advocate for our clients and all the immigrants. It is our firm belief that our baseline for client representation is large-scale advocacy. The best interest of our clients also relies on us fighting against the root problem that lies within the political forces that work against them. Our past, current and future clients deserve to have an optimistic view on their future, they deserve to have a chance to build the lives that they envision for themselves without having to fight against a political or social current.

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