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Form Ar-11(Alien’s Change of Address Card) is a form that helps you inform USCIS of your change of address. It may seem to intrude on your privacy, but don’t take it the wrong way. Moving around is your fundamental human right. You’re free to change locations as much as you want, but does this form hinder that? No. It only ensures that USCIS is aware of your new address. It’s entirely for your own good, as it will allow you to continue receiving notices, and other feedback. 

Who Is Form AR-11 Meant For?  

Form AR-11 is for everyone with a green card or a non-immigrant visa. The law states that when you change your address, you are to inform USCIS within 10 days of moving. To do this, the USCIS Form AR-11 is necessary. 

But what happens if you move and don’t use this form? It may affect future visa applications or other immigration benefits. So, not submitting your USCIS Form AR-11 is that trouble you do not want to deal with. 

Filing the form doesn’t stop until the sponsored immigrant becomes a citizen. Until then, the immigrant must file this form whenever they move.  

Who Doesn’t Need This Form? 

There are a few visa types that may not need to file Form AR-11. These include government representatives to international organizations (G-Visa) or those with A-Visas(diplomats). Also, tourists with no more than 30 days to stay in the U.S. are given a waiver program. They will be traveling a lot, so they won’t need to file this form. 

What Do You Need To Fill Your Form AR-11? 

All you need to have is information on your new address, your old address, and your green card numbers(if you have one). Usually, you can register your change of address in three ways. 

You can do it online by registering on the USCIS site. This is the simplest way to do it. It takes no more than 4-5 minutes. 

Another way to do it is to log in to your USCIS account and update your address there. That, however, is if you filed your immigration papers online. 

However, for victims of domestic violence and the likes, it would be preferable for them to use the Form AR-11 mail. This is the third way to register. 

It’s noteworthy that when you are filing Form AR-11 as a permanent resident or whichever visa type you have, use black ink to sign. This does not change even if you have a naturalization interview. It will ensure that USCIS sends feedback to the right address. 

Also, you’ll need to file the change of address for your family members, and everyone dependent on you. This is the same even if they’re moving to a temporary address. 

What Happens If You Don’t File The AR-11 Form? 

For a fact, failure to file Form AR-11 is a violation of the law.  While uncommon, it is technically a deportable offense. So, for your own good, you must take it seriously – why take the risk? File the form whenever you change your address, even if it’s a temporary location. Also, file the form for all those depending on you(in terms of U.S. immigration law) 

I’m Using Someone Else’s Address. Do I still need to file an AR-11? 

First, while you may use someone else’s address for mailing purposes, USCIS is interested in your actual place of residence. That means where you sleep at night. This is because “residence” is defined this way under the immigration law: “habitual place of abode, without regard to intent.” You might list your address as a mailing address for any other purpose, but for immigration, you must list the place where you actually live. So don’t use your friend’s or relative’s address as the residential address you put on an immigration form, whether AR-11 or any other one. 

We’ve seen so many problems from people who do not understand this simple concept. It leads to USCIS investigating public records where you’ve lived, can cast doubt if you’re trying to prove that you live with your spouse, or in the same place as where you’ve filed your case.  

We Can Help! 

Following this whole post, you already know how vital Form Ar-11 is. Failing to file it may bar or even end your American dream. And it doesn’t only apply to you. 

Your sponsored relatives, family, or friends may also meet the same fate if you do not file this form. So, what do you do? Get professional guidance from the HMA Law Firm today! 

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