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What Is Form I-601?

The USCIS Form I-601 is a waiver form that caters for immigrants who fall under grounds of inadmissibility that can be waived. Being the application for waiver of grounds of inadmissibility, this form helps secure admission into the United States. However, it is only for people who otherwise would be eligible for admission.

Form I-601 is only available to certain persons. So, the question of who qualifies for the Form I-601 waiver may come to mind.

Who Can File Form I-601? 

For starters, figuring out who qualifies for Form I-601 waiver isn’t too complicated. So, you should know that the first set of persons eligible for the form, are those who fall under certain grounds of inadmissibility. This is according to section 212 of the Immigration and Nationality Act (INA).

Other categories of persons who are eligible for the I-601 waiver include:

Note: You do not need to file Form I-601 waiver if you do not fall under the grounds of inadmissibility. Rest assured, the U.S. consular will notify you if you fall under any grounds of inadmissibility. They will also notify you if you’re eligible for the Form I-601 waiver. So, you’ll need to stay alert!

Should you qualify for a Form I-601 waiver, be sure to provide ALL relevant information that your waiver application needs. You should also ensure that all information is accurate, signed and up to date. USCIS will reject any unsigned application.

For further instructions on filing the Form I-601, click here.

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Falling under one or more grounds of inadmissibility doesn’t automatically qualify you for a Form I-601 waiver. Waivers aren’t available for all grounds of inadmissibility, while some require an entirely different waiver Form.

To clear all ambiguities, we at HMA Law Firm offer you our expertise. We can help determine if you qualify for a waiver, and also take care of processing your application.

Applying for the I-601 waiver is highly subjective, and the slightest error or misinformation in your application will lead to outright rejection. You may also have to repeat the application process .

To avoid this, our experienced attorneys will guide you through the entire process. Rest assured, no error shall escape their eyes.

We guarantee you a hassle free process. So, book an appointment today!