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Leonardo Sena, Paralegal

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Brazilian/ US LPR

Born in Brazil, Leonardo was adopted and moved to the United States to pursue his high school education. Thereupon, he received a scholarship to pursue his bachelor’s degree in European Studies in the Netherlands. As an international professional, his experiences include project management, immigration paralegal, notary services, policy analysis, research methods, and foreign affairs. During his BA studies, he was a finalist for the YEZ Entrepreneurship Award program, which gave him the expertise to start his own business in February 2019. His emphasis on EU Institution procedures, project management, entrepreneurship, and developing aid characterize his international development career goal. Leonardo’s career mission is to foster international development with effective immigration policies, education, sustainability, and entrepreneurship. His desire to improve humanitarian visas in the US-led him to intern at a US immigration firm in Frederick, MD. In this position, he developed practical skills to work with the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) and assist refugees’ application with Affirmative and Defensive Asylum Applications. Since September 2021, Leonardo has studied his Master of Science in Public Policy and Human Development at Maastricht University in the Netherlands. He is also working remotely from the Netherlands at the HMA law firm. At the firm, he has used his human development skills for firm HP cases as well as his language skills such as Portuguese, English, Spanish, and French to assist attorneys with clients in their immigration applications. 

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