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Farid Sayedi

Legal Assistant

Farid Sayedi

PHONE: (703) 964-0245
FAX: (703) 997-8556

Farid Sayedi is a Legal Assistant for the Afghan Team at the HMA Law Firm. With a diverse professional background, he brings a wealth of experience and expertise to his role.


He earned his bachelor’s degree in finance from Isenberg University of Massachusetts, Amherst, where he developed a solid foundation in his field of study.


Currently, Farid holds two important positions that showcase his expertise in different areas. At the HMA Law Firm, Farid uses his extensive legal knowledge and skills to provide crucial support to the firm’s legal professionals across a range of legal matters. His meticulous attention to detail and linguistic proficiency enables him to play a pivotal role in assisting Afghan clients with their legal requirements.

In addition to his work in the legal field, Farid also holds a position as a senior financial analyst at the Salvation Army DHQ in Alexandria, Virginia.

He acquired valuable experience working in the Department of Public Affairs at the Embassy of the United States of America in Kabul from 2012 to 2016. This experience provided him with an exceptional opportunity to operate within a dynamic and international setting, where he made significant contributions to diplomatic efforts and supported a diverse range of initiatives.

Farid’s career path showcases his versatility, adaptability, and commitment to excellence. Through his educational background, professional experiences, and ongoing dedication to his work, he continues to make a significant impact in the legal and financial domains.

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