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Ian Carreon

Executive Assistant

PHONE: (703) 964-0245
FAX: (703) 997-8556

Ian Carreon is an Executive Assistant for The HMA Law Firm. He is a dedicated professional with a profound passion for immigration law.

Born and raised in Mexico, Ian Carreon pursued a degree in Communications, where he honed his skills in effective and persuasive communication. His multicultural background allows him to connect with clients from diverse backgrounds and ensure their voices are heard.

With nearly a decade of experience in customer service, Ian’s approachability and strong service-driven mindset are invaluable assets. He deeply values the importance of empathizing with clients, understanding their unique situations, and providing them with the utmost respect and support.

Ian Carreon’s core values of empathy, respect, responsibility, and integrity define his professional approach. Known as a man of his word, he goes above and beyond to uphold the highest ethical standards, ensuring that clients receive reliable and trustworthy guidance throughout their immigration journey.

Outside of his work, Ian maintains an active lifestyle. He is an avid sports enthusiast and finds solace in activities such as swimming and working out. These pursuits not only contribute to his physical well-being but also instill discipline and dedication in his professional endeavors.

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