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The Pakistani community in the US is one that is growing fast. The 2010 census reported that 409,000 people of Pakistani origin were living in the US. The US Census Bureau estimated that the number grew by 24% in 2018, up to 508,000. So, it’s not rare to see people searching on Google “Pakistani immigration lawyer near me.”

And guess what? Many of them end up on our website. HMA Law Firm has a long track record of support for the Pakistani community in Vienna, VA, and across all the country.

People usually looking for Arabic attorneys in Virginia, Pakistani, or Hindi attorneys usually do not know where to go. But you came to the right place.

Why? Because we have a multidisciplinary and multicultural team that speaks Urdu and has attended to dozens of cases of Pakistani aspiring Americans. Many of them want to bring their families to the US. Others want to acquire an LPR status. Whatever the case is, we are here to help.

Why choose us? 

We don’t run away from tough cases. That sets us apart in immigration law.

Hassan Ahmad is the founder of HMA Law Firm. He built the firm over one idea: people deserve protection to prosper. And we put all our legal knowledge and skill to fight for you.

No matter how long it takes or how hard it will be, we’ll be there for you. Hassan is fluent in eight languages apart from English, including Urdu. That makes our clients more comfortable when explaining their situation. He taught Urdu at North Carolina State University, so you can feel at ease talking to him in your native tongue.

Choosing the right immigration lawyer for Pakistanis

Choosing a good lawyer is not easy. Plus, there are dozens of options out there. How to know what’s best?

You cannot choose a lawyer without knowing anything about them or what makes a good immigration attorney. You need to ask five essential questions:

  1. How much do you dedicate to practice immigration law?
  2. Are you a member of the American Immigration Lawyers Association? For how long?
  3. How do you determine your fees?
  4. How do you keep in touch with your clients?
  5. What experience do you have with Pakistani clients? Do you have Urdu-speaking staff?

The answers to these questions should guide your decision. Immigration is a serious matter. If you don’t choose a skilled attorney, your life can change dramatically. You cannot confide bringing your family to the country to someone who does immigration on the side.

You cannot just leave your adjustment of status to someone who’s not a member of AILA. Plus, it’s always better to have someone who speaks your own language and understands your people’s problems.

And, of course, HMA Law Firm checks all the boxes. We are dedicated to immigration law with over 15 years of experience. Hassan Ahmad has been a member of the AILA since 2005. We aim to make our clients feel comfortable working with us. An important part of this is speaking their own language. And we are an Urdu-speaking law firm.

What can we do for you?

As you are searching for Pakistani immigration lawyer, we can help you with all the immigration services. We can help with Pakistani family reunification. Many people from Pakistan do it to join their family here or bring their family later. We can help you by assisting you in:

  • Green card
  • Follow-to-join benefits
  • Fiancé visas
  • Adjustment of status
  • Asylum

Pakistanis also come to the US to learn occupational skills or to invest in the US. We can help you with worker and investment visas such as:

  • H-1B visa
  • E-2 visa

Looking for Pakistani lawyers near you? We’re here! Contact us, and we will start building your case.