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I just came from my GC interview and i couldn't be any happier, thank God. The HMA Law Firm took my case very seriously and helped me a great deal. I would like to thank brother Hassan, sister Sharifa, Melissa and my long lost brother Faisal Khan. Faisal Khan is one of the nicest persons God's ever created, he worked in my case with passion and gave me hope when I was the most sad and hopeless. Faisal Khan is a true Hero and it is a true blessing to have him working on my case. I will recommend the HMA Law Firm to all my friends.
NK, Silver Spring, MD
All I can say is Mr. Hassan and Mr. Faisal are very professional, friendly and helpful people. They helped me with my GC processing and I was able to get it within 3 months from the date we filed. Thanks to him and his team.
MA, Sterling, VA
I got to know Mr. Ahmad through my husband's former co-worker. He was very friendly and willing to work with my specific case. He was also quick to correspond to all of your questions, and was very clear on what needed to be done to have a successful result. I truly enjoyed working with him over the years, and I was fortunate to have him as my attorney.
KF, Front Royal, VA
I can't thank you enough for the time and extraordinary effort you and your firm put forth for my case. Your diligence and expertise in handling my complex legal case was key to our successful outcome. I would recommend your services to anyone in need and will definitely continue to seek your support as we proceed. Thank you again.
PT, Ashburn, VA
We wanted to take a moment to tell everybody at the law firm how fabulous you are. CC received his green card today and we are both ecstatic and relieved. From the start, Hassan was positive and had great ideas on how to make the process go smoothly. Our case manager, Faisal, was always on top of things, kept us informed at every step of the way, he was encouraging when we got frustrated with waiting and was always professional, friendly and a pleasure to work with. CC and I always felt that Hassan and Faisal cared about us as clients and wanted the process to go smoothly and work as it should. During the interview process, Sharifa was encouraging, and made us both feel more at ease. We were very glad to have her with us during the interview. All in all, the process of obtaining the green card was not bad. Working with our partners at the law firm, we got the job done. I also want to point out that the prices for these services were very reasonable. CC and I will be in contact with you guys in 2 years for the renewal. Once again, to everybody, a huge THANK YOU. You were awesome!
BG & CC, Alexandria, VA
If you have an immigration case, whether it's filing for a green card or work authorization, or worse, fighting deportation, you don't only need a good lawyer, but you also need one who is fully committed to your struggle.In my case, a bad marriage had bought me serious legal trouble: Immigration had called for my removal from America! This is every immigrant's worst nightmare. My predicament was so severe that the three attorneys I initially consulted ruled that there was nothing they could do for me. In other words, they couldn't reverse the Court's decision to deport me! Those lawyers were no ordinary lawyers; they were reputed for helping clients with extraordinarily difficult cases. So, their refusal to take on my case impressed upon me the idea that I was doomed. Fortunately, I met a friend who recommended the HMA Law Firm. To cut to the chase, Hassan (my lawyer) and Faisal (my case manager) are arguably the finest immigration defense team in the U.S. Not only did they convince the immigration judge to pardon me, but they also fought tooth and nail to get me a green card. On April 8th, 2015, they called to share the most elating news of my life: my green card application was approved! I don't know much about immigration, but I can say this much: the immigration system is designed in part to make the path to citizenship as rocky as possible. To get there, you need partners like Hassan and Faisal. Neither of them would rest until your freedom (as in getting a green card)is assured. Thanks to their unrivaled wit and diligence, I can proudly say that I am now a green card holder!!! Hassan and Faisal have made a significant impact on my existence. I will forever be grateful to them.
MK, Everett, WA
I was mired in what appeared to be an irreversible immigration problem: The federal government had ordered my removal from the U.S. The lawyers I initially sought legal advice from estimated that the odds of my deportation being rescinded was very slim, and some even encouraged me to voluntarily exit the country. I was abjectly hopeless and nearly heeded to the advice to leave. Then one day, while browsing the Internet for immigration defense attorneys, I stumbled upon a law firm that changed my life forever. It took only ten minutes of Hassan Ahmad of HMA Law Firm's time to bring about the hope I desperately needed. Hassan demonstrated genuine interest in helping me, and he also came across as an astute immigration lawyer, all of which convinced me to hire his service at once. My experience with him and my case manager, Faisal Khan, was cordial and uplifting from the getgo. Hassan gave me realistic expectations and used his unrivaled legal expertise to wiggle me out of the seemingly helpless situation I was in. In the end, I acquired relief from deportation and I am now happily in the process of acquiring my green card! I will definitely recommend this law firm to any alien in my predicament. Without the HMA Law Firm, I can fairly argue that my American dream would have been buried forever.
MK, Seattle, WA
Hassan Ahmad handled my divorce case. He listened attentively to my issues, was receptive to my input and gave me good advice. He was very professional and efficient, made himself easily available to answer questions and handle issues, returned my phone calls and answered my emails promptly and did not hesitate to go the extra mile. I would definitely recommend him to anyone.
Dr. MR, Baltimore, MD
I received my GC on December 2014 and I genuinely appreciated Hassan and his folk's professionalism, dedication and commitment. Hassan and Faisal were always ensure the quality of the case sand follow them up with whatever issues. For examples, employment immigration for Chinese nationals have a long waiting times and Hassan did the best he could to bring my petition from EB3 to EB2 which could potentially saved a year waiting time. USCIS was returning my I-140 with a wrong priority date which is a year later. Hassan was helping me escalated to the CEO of a immigration center to fix the issue. HMA law firm helped me to achieve my America dream and I am so happy and proud to be in this nation of freedom and full of opportunity. If anyone ask me who they should talk if they want to immigrate to U.S., Hassan and HMA law firm is my best suggestion.
CS, Boulder, CO
Hassan Ahmad is highly recommended. Extremely competent, experienced, and always professional. My wife's visa was in limbo for years. Everyone said it was a lost cause. With Hassan Ahmad's professional help my case got moving, and now my wife is here in America with me today - and pregnant with my first child! Look here for your legal affairs and nowhere else.
MG, Baltimore, MD
Hassan Ahmad's response time was unbelievably fast. He was very involved during the most critical time of the application process of my Green Card. He was keenly aware of my need for employment and ensured that the paperwork for the Employment Card was done on time. He was personal in his attention which helped alleviate the anxiety of the whole process. He was also aware of price changes for applications at the time and saved me a lot of money! There was not one time where I felt like his offices were not responsive to my questions. He still replies to small questions even after I have a Greencard. A very professional job indeed! I referred him to numerous people and will continue to do so to anyone who wants a job done with the utmost professional integrity. Thank you Mr Ahmad.
Dr. JB, New Orleans, LA
Prior to choosing an immigration lawyer, I did a lot of research on the internet and immigration blogs, reading people’s opinions and problems they were having with some immigration lawyers. During my research, I found a great immigration lawyer Hassan Ahmad, and I couldn’t have asked for a better attorney! He handled my case in a professional, honest manner, stayed in touch and is a very knowledgeable attorney, which is important as immigration laws are constantly changing. I trust Hassan as I would myself. I would also like to add that the entire team at HMA law firm was wonderful, always nice, friendly and eager to help. I was greatly impressed by the efficiency with which my lawyer at HMA handled my immigration case. Most communication was via e-mail and all of my concerns, however minor, were promptly addressed either by my lawyer or by his assistant. In addition to his efficiency my attorney provided me with personal support at a time when it was most needed, the nerve-wracking days before the scheduled interview with the USCIS. He reassured me and alleviated my fears, rational as well as irrational. To conclude, it took only five and a half months from the date my application was filed to the time I received my Citizenship for which I was applying, and his guidance made the whole process more efficient and less stressful than it would have otherwise been.
MR, College Park, MD
Hassan Ahmad and his staff provided excellent service. I was well informed about the updates/changes to my dad’s case. Prior to working with Hassan, my family had a terrible encounter with an immigration attorney, which resulted in very complicated and confusing situations. Hassan is very knowledgeable. He was very aware of the situation and was always one step ahead. He was very clear of what needed to be done. It wouldn’t have been possible without his hard work and efforts. Thank you Hassan!
AK, Carrollton, TX
I hired Mr. Ahmad for my very complicated immigration case and I was amazed by the level of experience that he has. Great customer service and very responsive unlike most attorneys. If it was not for the great job that Mr. Ahmad did, it would take another few years before my case is processed. I will recommend Mr. Ahmad to all of my friends and family. Thank you Hassan for you service.
SA, Springfield, VA
I know Mr. Hassan Ahmad for the past 1 1/2 yrs through my company as an Attorney to take care of my Visa processing. And when I first spoke to him I was not sure of his capabilities but once I saw his efforts and step by step procedures I was really impressed with his work . He is not just like doing it for the purpose of getting money, he will go through the case and will explain the situation to you clearly and necessary steps to take in layman terminology. As far as I know all my friends' immigration visa processing was done by him and even they are all impressed with his work . Just to summarise I am really impressed with his work he absolutely knows what he is doing and I am going to recommend him to all my friends who needs their visa processing.
Dr. NK, Hagerstown, MD
Mr. Ahmad is an excellent immigration attorney. He took good care and got me the results I wanted. He always sent me updates. My experience with his practice is very positive and I always recommend him to my friends.
Dr. TE, Quincy, IL

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